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About S.A.I.

About S.A.I.

S.A.I. is all about “Sea, Air and Island”, because we are experts in leisure across all those areas, offering our guests memorable and unique holiday experiences!

We are one of the leading leisure tourism groups in the tropical islands of Saipan and Guam. Founded in 1997 by Dr. Tan Siu Lin, our Chairman, and Dr. Henry Tan, our Vice Chairman and CEO, we grew from a single hotel property to a diversified leisure tourism business.

The S.A.I. of today continues to expand, always providing unique, full-range, one-stop tourism products and services to bring fantastic end-to-end holiday experiences to all travelers!

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Founder & Chairman
Dr TAN Siu Lin
Vice Chairman & CEO
Dr Henry TAN


Mr Willie TAN
Mr George CHIU
Mrs SU TAN Sze Tink Jennifer
President, Guam & Saipan
Mr Jerry TAN
& Head of Hotel Operations
Mr Jeffrey William SCHWEIZER
Group Financial Controller
& Company Secretary
Miss CHEUNG Pik Shan Bonnie
Our Business